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Connections Series

Ladies, everyone is doing Amazing on the connections series. Mother Johns with Faith. Robyn bought us Mental and Physical Abuse. Last week we had Cicely with Toxic Thoughts. This week we will have Timmesse with Zumba. How many of you ladies know that we have to work on our Mind, Body and Soul? Well thats what the lovely Timmesse will be helping us with.

My Queens, please come prepared to have fun. This is a NO JUDGMENTAL ZONE. We are all in different places when it comes to physical fitness. Whatever you are able to do. Allow that to be your best. Love you all and look forward to getting fit and having fun.

We will be signing on with free conference app. If you don't have the app it will be a little harder to participate. I will go on one hour before with all the information needed. Love you all

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