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Hello my beautiful people. I am so excited to release my first blog. What a way to start a new year. My name is Kali Dupree. I am wife a mother a loving grandmother and so much more. Besides all the things others may know be bye. I am the "Daughter of a King".

This is truly been a trying year. If you haven't already done so pat yourself on the back. Don't worry I'll wait. Remember we have to encourage ourselves. It's not crazy to look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you got this you're amazing You're beautiful You're worthy. these are some powerful words to speak over yourself. But guess what if you don't do it who will?

I don't plan on doing a bunch of chatting on this blog. However, I definitely would love to do Q&A's and, also to get your advice on what it is you would like to hear me talk about. You can come on as an anonymous person you can tell me your name or you can make up a name. All I ask is that everyone respectfully treat this page with love because it was birth with love. If you don't have anything nice to say please keep those negative comments to yourself it would allow us to go so much farther. Remember we're here to encourage one another not tear someone down. We have enough of that already going around in the world. With that being said welcome. Enjoy yourself, I look forward to reading all of your comments. but most important I look forward to sharing my journey my thoughts and inspirations with you. This has been a long awaited time for me. God is doing a new thing in me and it is time for me to walk into my god-given dreams.

Next week:

We will be talking about don't look back on the next blog. I know that this is going to be a touchy subject for some and for others it's going to be an uplifting "Oh my gosh I needed to hear that". Whichever it may be tune back in. Until next time. If no one told you before I'll be the first God loves you ❤️

Q&A Section:

What topic or subject would you like for me to talk about?

Would you be interested in sharing a topic, and allowing me to put in on the blogs? If so please message me with your information.

If you have prayer request please leave them here.

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