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The Dangers of Looking Back

Hello, my beautiful Queens. We have made it through another week. As always, I am excited to see and hear from you. I don't know bout you, but this has been a hectic and trying week for me. Anything that could go wrong did. And yes, if you want to know if I was tested. Honey, the answer is yes. Hear me well, my Queens. Yes, I was tested but, because of God, I made it through, and I can write another blog to connect with you all so, If asked again, how was my week. I would turn it around and say. AMAZING. Simply because I didn't have to be here. I didn't have to be apart of such an awesome women's group. Lastly, God didn't even have to wake me up. So, I am so thankful.

Okay, now that we have got the basics talked through. Let us dive into this week's study. At first, I was thinking about the title. Then after talking with an extraordinary person. God gave me the title. "The Dangers of Looking Back." Some of you may know the story in the bible about Lott's wife. For those that don't let us go there now. Genesis 19:24-26 ( Please Read)

We have seasons in our lives. God brings people and events in and out of our lives. If we hold onto the past too tightly, we cannot move forward, and life is a journey. Remember lessons learned, moments that show us God's faithful love so that we can move forward knowing he is with us always. Still, we must beware of looking back and mourning what was, what could have been, allowing what was to paralysis what will be.

We do not know how Lot's family lived their lives among the corruption that came into the city. We do know they were not ready to leave it all behind. Sometimes God moves us when we are not prepared to move. Sometimes he asks us to stay when we are ready to go. If we do not stop looking back, the future God has planned for us could not be. Do I let my future calling become a pillar of salt or a pillar for God? I want to be a pillar for God.


  • What principles can we learn from the example of Lot's wife about forsaking sin and evil influences?

  • What are some ways a person might be tempted to "look back" upon sins or evil influences that were previously a part of his or her life? Why is it dangerous to do so?

  • What did the pillar of salt represent?

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