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The True Love Of A Sister

Ladies, How are we doing this Monday? Each week I think about you all. However, I don't just stop there. I make it apart of my daily life to call, visit, pray, and be available for the needs of you all. I will tell you that doing this at times is hard. But, as I stated in the Detox Me Formula. "Anything worth having is worth fighting for." My beautiful Queens are worth every tireless night. I get so much joy spending time with you and allowing God to use me as a vessel.

It gets hard standing out alone. For I know God didn't call us to be alone. I know that iron sharpens iron. So, ladies, like I make myself available to you all. My prayer is that you also make yourself known to the needs of someone else. It's easy to be on the receiving end. It's hard to be a giver. When you see the title "Love of a sister." Some of us can say I don't have a sister. That may be true in some ways. However, God doesn't take anything away from us that he won't give back in our lives. Someone is waiting just for you. The same way you need to be lifted, so do they.

Love is a big word. It packs power and shakes things up inside of us. Christ loves us behind all our faults and insecurities. He doesn't see good and evil, rich or poor, success or failure. God see's the heart. He knows who you are. Ladies, this needs to be our goal. Let's stop tearing down one another and begin to lift. Let's talk a little about someone in the bible that struggled with being his brother's keeper.

In Genesis 4:1-15, we see a familiar Scripture, "…Am I my brother's keeper?"

Cain had just killed his brother Abel. God approached him and asked him, "Where is Able, your brother?" We know that God knew where Abel was dead. So why ask? I think that it was a call to accountability and an opportunity for Cain to confess and repent. Instead, Cain responded with a lie and in sarcasm to Almighty God. He rejected responsibility for all of his wrongdoing and whined like a baby when he was banished. Still only caring about self!

Unfortunately, we can be like Cain. Often we reject efforts to hold us accountable, and we neglect to hold others accountable.

  1. Cain wanted to do things his way, not God's way. So do we.

  2. Cain became very angry and depressed when his way was rejected. So do we.

  3. Cain rejected God's counsel to do what's right. (Gen 4:6-7) So do we.

  4. Cain's anger and pride spiraled out of control, destroying life and family. Our pride can destroy relationships too.


Why do we resist accountability?

How are we doing as our sister's keeper?

Practice one thing this week you can do for your sister.

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