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Turn it OFF or Unplug it!

Hello ladies, I hope and pray that everyone is doing great. I hope and pray you have found a new way of dealing with your situations and problems. This new way is giving it to God. Today we are going to be talking about "Turn it off or Unplug it." Wow! Can you imagine having to turn things off? You won't be able to use it at the moment. That is where we are right now, ladies.

Why do we need to turn things off? Let us think about the practical first. Something that immediately popped into my head is the light switch. I'm not going to leave my lights on just because I like the way they look. Also, we turn our lights off to save money on our electric bill. The more we allow it to run, the more we have to pay. WOW! That would preach all by itself. A few other things that we need to turn off or unplug. Will be things like appliances, our phone, our job; oh, and the list goes on.

Now, let's talk about the spiritual aspect of unplugging and turning things off. When we spend too much time on one thing, it takes so much away from us. I remember always stating how much of a multi-tasker I was. At least I thought I was. But it is shown in studies that you can only perform one thing at a time giving it your full attention. So as much as I thought I was cleaning the house finishing up an assignment helping the kids. The reality is I was only doing one of those things giving it my all. But let's talk about the light switch. What does a light switch have to do with me spiritually? The mind is so powerful. It absorbs so much in such a little time. What we feed the mind determines the destination. Suppose I feed my mind anger and allow it to control me. Rage will be this new life that I feel that I have to walk-in. However, when I feed my mind with love, love allows me to grow spiritually and change the behavior. So, we have to be able to turn off those negative thoughts. We have to turn off our old habits and behaviors. When we do this, we are allowing ourselves to be separated

(unplugged) from this world.

Ladies, whatever you are going through today, please understand that we have the power to turn it off and turn it on. If it is negative, I hope and pray that's a day you turn it off. If it is positive, I hope and pray that you allow that switch to remain on in your life. I love you am I am praying for you, and I am here for you.

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