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What are your shoes saying?

Hello, my beautiful people. Week, three of new beginnings for Outspire. This week we will talk about a popular item in all of our closets. Shoes, now this topic is excellent because of the wide range in which we can go. However, the underlying meaning is where your shoes have taken you? Now please understand shoes come in all shapes and sizes, colors, and lengths. You can get them flat or too high. The question I would like to ask is. Why do women need so many shoes? And what are we compensating for them?

Allow me to start. I love shoes. However, price is usually the deal-breaker for me. I won't spend a ton of money on one pair in particular. But I will buy several bargain shoes. Come on, ladies, we all want the bang for our bucks. Now, my style is big for me. I believe it's like that because I love fashion. I am this way because I know that I'm beautiful and deserve nice


Where have my shoes taken me? Well, grab some tea and let us talk about that. I loved to wear tennis shoes (sneakers) when I was younger. And yes, they needed to be name brand. I hit the streets a lot, and I needed to be able to move around quickly. As I got a little older, fashion got a hold of me. I began to notice that people my age should take care of their appearance. Fast forward to the Diva I am today. And how I got to love shoes. I stopped running. I realized that no matter what shoe I wore. I would still be this loving, beautiful individual. My shoes (Appearance) don't define who I am as a person.

Who am I? I am the daughter of a KING, and so are you.

In case you haven't heard it already. You are beautiful and loved.

Okay, ladies, let's talk about what shoes you have in your closet and why?

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